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The safety and health of our guests and staff is very important to us. Therefor we are carefully following the course of events and act on the restrictions and regulations from the public health authority. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have focused on improving our hygiene and cleaning routines. 
Best Western is providing a "We Care Clean Program" that is helping us with the routines in the daily day of work. 

Let us show you some examples on how we work
- Increased focus on cleaning public areas. The staff is periodically disinfecting surfaces like elevator buttons, front desk area, door handles etc. 
- All guests need to book a breakfast time at check in to prevent crowding at the breakfast buffet.
- We have removed elements that requires direct contact at the breakfast and lunch buffet. 
For example, pre sliced bread and cheese, less food displayed and new cutlery every hour. 
- Only by pre order the day before, we are offering all guests take-away breakfast which can be picked up at the front desk.
- The restaurant is furnished in a certain way that makes it possible to have at least 1.5 meters in between each other. There are also distance marks placed on the floors that makes it easier for guests to keep distance while you are standing in line. 
- We have stations all over the hotel where we encourage every guest and staff to disinfect their hands regularly. 

Apart from this we are open for questions and are more than happy to have a dialog with every individual booking to make sure 
that we meet the expectaions and to minimize spread of infection for everyone. We offer larger conference rooms for smaller groups, separate dining rooms, etc 

As our guests, we are kindly asking you to keep the distance and make sure you take some
extra time to be able to follow our restrictions so that we can overcome this together. 

If you have any questions or want to know more, don´ t hesitate to ask us! 
hotellet@johnbauer.se or give us a call at +46 36-349000 

Best Western Plus John Bauer Hotel

The Boutique hotel John Bauer Hotel, is situated in the very center of Jönköping by the lake Munksjön. Directly adjacent to the hotel is our very own restaurant Ester Kök & Bar. Around the corner you will find the best shopping and cafes and it is a short walking distance to the fantastic Culture house Spira and Vättern Beach. With an interior inspired by Paul Smith design and a great atmosphere, the hotel and restaurant is a popular meeting ground by locals and the choice of accommodation for vacationers as well as business travelers and conference guests. As a guest you will be staying in rooms decorated in a tasteful and timeless manor,  free internet connection and with access to sauna, and gym. Our hotel offers a private garage for a limited number of cars. If you request a parking space, please contact us. 

Most Welcome!

Restaurant Ester Kök & Bar

Ester Kök & Bar offers a well composed à la carte menu adapted to the season, were everyone can find something to their liking. We also have a wide range of certified Fairtrade wines and we value local producers.

Bar at John Bauer Hotel

With an interior inspired by Paul Smith design and comfortable atmosphere. You will experience the feeling of a living room, luxury and coziness.  Sometimes you can also listen to some form of livemusic in the bar, during autumn and spring season.

Conference & Event

There are 8 meeting rooms in different sizes, suitable for small and large groups. Our largest meeting room is perfect for all types of meetings. Banquet, kick off, wedding party, conference and many other important gatherings.

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